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Koh Tan & Koh Mudsum Introduction

Koh Tan is a few hundred metres off the southwestern coast of Koh Samui from Taling Nam fishing village. It is a small, largely unspoilt island, known for its coral and marine life. Giant clams, fan corals and a wide variety of fish species live in and around the protected reefs. Koh Tan can be reached by local long tail fishing boat. Trips generally include snorkelling on the reef, a stop at one of the island’s fine beaches, and a walk along the wooden platform that was built by the locals to view the mangrove forests. Koh Tan is known throughout the region as the island without dogs. According to local folklore, any dog that has been taken to live there has quickly gone insane, but luckily the local population seem not to suffer the same fate.

Koh Matsum is just south of Koh Tan, opposite the beaches by the Laem Sor Chedi (Koh Samui map I2) and it is also a popular spot for a day trip. A long sandy beach is a favourite with local Thai tourists for picnics, and there are often groups of students camping on the beach or singing songs around campfires. It’s a good place to join the locals on a ‘tio’, Thai for day out. See Island Map>